27th of April 2022: Trans Safety Emergency Fund Launch Gala

In order to celebrate the official launch of the TSEF we`re proudly inviting you to our first Gala in collaboration with Zürich moves! and Forever imbricated. Link for exclusive tickets following soon!

The word Neon stems from the Greek word Neos, meaning ‘new’. For us, as a new institution, it’s important to be able to present our work and form new connections with other organizations, companies, allies and key members of our community.

The evening will be filled with good food, performances by beloved LGBTQAI+ artists, selected DJs and a fun auction.

The Gala takes place at the Neumarkt Theater, a place full of historical significance for Queer people in Switzerland, on Wednesday the 27th of April at 19:00.

For further information, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@transsafety.fund.