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Emergency Support for Trans People

The Trans Safety Emergency Fund (TSEF) provides uncomplicated, direct help for Housing, Health & Education.

Our Help

Everyone who’s not cis gender can apply for help whether you’re Trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, gender nonconforming or any other identity, we want to support you.

Our aim is to offer financial help in situations that put the wellbeing of Trans individuals at risk. These can be:

Basic Living Costs icon

Basic Living Costs

Food, Household Items, Clothing, Public Transport

Monthly Bills icon

Monthly Bills

Electricity, Gas, Internet, Rent/Mortgage, Water

Crucial Medical Bills icon

Crucial Medical Bills

Medication, Hormones, Recovery, Health Casualties, Therapy

Safety icon


Self-Defence Courses, Relocation In Safer Environments

Education icon


Support For Vocational Training And Further Education

Other urgent necessities might be covered.

We offer support to people identifying as Trans as well as institutions who specifically help Trans individuals.

Community extends beyond national and political borders. We support both Swiss and international Trans individuals and causes. For us, values like solidarity, care and resource redistribution extend across the globe.

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Your donation will directly support Trans people in emergency situations. The Trans Safety Emergency Fund exists thanks to your support.

Other Donation Methods

Bank transfer

Name: Trans Safety Emergency Fund
IBAN: CH40 0079 0016 6013 7938 1

To maintain a high level of transparency, the TSEF does annual reports of its financial situation.

In case of any problems with your donation, please contact us at donations@transsafety.fund.